November 27, 2013

An audible “pop” is not only distracting musically, but can damage sound equipment. No – joke. There must be a good reason then, right? By clicking Subscribe, I agree to the processing of my data in order to receive emails. Please check the fields highlighted in red. When it comes to splitting your guitar signal to feed the inputs of two different amplifiers, the temptation is to just take a $5 Radio Shack “Y” cable and MacGyver that bad boy in there. Each preset can have up to four stereo signal paths, each made up of eight blocks populated with amps and effects. Only way I have used so far is having my stereo delay last in the chain and splitting from there. If you want to use two amps simultaneously, there are some things you need to know before you flip on those power switches. I beef up the distortion and low end using a modified Boss GE-7. My rig is split from the last pedal on my mainboard (boss DD3) with dry to a Peavey classic 50 212 combo, and wet to a Carvin X-60 halfstack (old Acoustic 4×12 cab.) Other amps—like the airy open-backed Fender combos or the crystal-clear Roland JC120—have plenty of high-end sparkle with excellent attack and articulation on chords, but are too clean to generate much sustain. Usually, only a few of these cabinets are actually mic’d. For example, any combination of 6L6 or 6V6GT; EL34 and EL84 tubes – typically characteristic of Fender, Marshall and Vox respectively – has the potential to produce a mighty alliance. Using a two amp rig is awesome. This will cause your stereo signal to be smooshed (a technical term) into mono, tragically thwarting the juicy stereophony of your expensive wobblebox. But the effect ain’t so marvellous than with stereo guitar. Hearkening back to earlier days of rock excess (and underpowered PA systems), many big touring acts—especially in the metal genres—liked the look of a “wall of amps” behind them as part of the show. You only run one amplifier at a time, switching between the two with an A/B box. (My Multi-Amp Setup) Fulltone Tube Tape Echo | '68 Plexi 50 watt Marshall | '65 Fender ProReverb 'Fulltone Ranger 45 Amp | '60 Strat | '68 4x12 w/ 20 watt Celestions I use a multi-amp approach to get my sounds, which I've been doing, in one form or another, since 1982. This is when it comes to paid bar gigs / when and if I present our music again in a more controlled environment I may well bring two or three amps as well as a few guitars. I am a huge fan of having two different sounds at once, where one sound makes up for the other’s deficiencies. While some DAWs, like Apple’s Logic and Garageband, come with guitar amp simulation built in, most don’t and, great though these bundled plugins are, many people will find that most of the dedicated 3rd party options offer a good deal more flexibility and better sounds. Brilliantly and easy understandably written, like your Humor! With a pedalboard amp, the benefits are obvious. Simply connect the left output of the effect to the input of one amp and the right output of the effect to the other amp. Sometimes I cheat and use a powerful amp – Twin with Orange JBL Speakers 130 watts RMS. Santa Barbara, California. Blues virtuoso Joe Bonamassa, for example, has recently been touring with a pair of Fender Twin Reverbs, known for their high headroom and bright tone, and a pair of Fender Bassmans, known for their grit and meatier low end. Although it's worth keeping these in mind, for the purposes of our best multi-effects pedals guide, we'll be focusing heavily on the effects side. My fave trick is to get two amps with tremolo and run them simultaneously with the tremolo on each amp set a little different. There are just so many variables to consider. Also rather informative article. There are always a heap of things that can go wrong with any guitar rig, but when it comes to using more than one amplifier, I’m going to focus on two of the most common problems: The dictionary defines a ground loop as: “an unwanted electric current path in a circuit resulting in stray signals or interference, occurring for example when two earthed points in the same circuit have different potentials.” If, like me, you failed high school physics, now would be an appropriate time to say “Oh. Is the CABINET “stereo?” In other words, are there two or more speakers in the cabinet that each have their own input and are not electronically connected? “What about digital amps and modelers?” you further probe. Modelers are typically the most practical (and affordable) way of experimenting with different “amplifiers.” Many systems, including the Line6 Pod HD series and Fractal’s Axe-Fx, will let you run virtual rigs with two amps, usually allowing you to pan each one to a different output. I’ve been using a channel switching amp lately to try to trim down the size of my rig, mainly a Carvin X100b which has a great clean channel and a very good med gain, old style Marshall dirt channel but I miss that huge multi amp sound. usuall don’t bother with it! Marshall and Fender often work well together, as does the high-end of a Vox with the bottom half of a Fender. But have you ever noticed that when you run delay, reverb or chorus through your drive or high gain channel on an amp, it doesn’t sound right? Keyboard players have been doing this a long time to fatten up their sound(s). A similar device is the Radial Headbone, which lets you switch between two amp heads running into a single cabinet. In an A/B situation you should simply choose whatever amplifiers make your desired noises by themselves. Well that’s an entirely different kettle of fish. So, how does one go about finding it a suitable mate? If you run a lovely stereo chorus before an overdrive, for example, you’re only going to be able to plug one of the former’s outputs into the latter. The only way to hook up 2+ heads to a single cabinet is by using a Radial Headbone or similar. The eq on acoustic amps is slightly different from that on electric guitar amps - and that on bass amps, too. i’ve been playing through split channel for years on guitar and bass… this is cool info on the many ways to do it. Some of these effects sound incredible and do an amazing job of providing players with great sound. Many players use two amps for stereo techniques that require multiple loudspeakers. And they might just make perfect sense for your rig, too. Conventional wisdom suggests that the raunchiest of tones can oft be achieved by combining amplifiers that each feature different kinds of output tubes (or voicing, in the case of solid state). Guitar players such as James Valentine and John Mayer use multiple amplifiers simultaneously to achieve their tones. I would just send each signal to its own separate amp if you want and can work with 2 amps. Some popular, well-made and readily available ABY pedals are the Morley ABY or Morley ABY “Mix” (with separate volume controls for blending both amps) and the Radial BigShot. How should one split the signal from the guitar? The rigors of the road can be rough on amps, and when your main amp dies onstage, a backup can be a worth its weight in gold. In all likelihood, you already have a favorite amp that you have sworn you will never part with, perhaps funded by the knee-jerk eBay sacrifice of the previous amp that you swore you would never part with. A backup amp should ideally match your primary amp as closely as possible, and many guitarists do use a matching pair in this way. In fact, there are five good reasons. Just make sure you get a ABY pedal that eliminates ground loops and has a switch to reverse the phase (painful experiences from the past). I also play in a ten piece band. Usually in solo I just put vol pot in P90/humb-channel from 7 to 10, and it sings beautifully. I run channel A into my 5150 Signature through the low gain input with the gain set on around 2 and the B channel into my 5150 II with the gain set on around 4.I don’t set the gain on too high on the amps so I can prevent any hiss from the heads, which is cut down already anyway because Before the ABY is a Boss NS-2. im running a randall rd100 6l6 tubes and a marshall jcm800 with el34 tubes, i run thru my phase 90 then my wha then into the front of the randall ,killer clean and two gain channels, out of the randall effects send into a stereo reverb ,one side into the effects return on the randall, the other side into the effects return on the marshall, im using a attenuator to control the volume of the marshall. The Tech 21 Character Series amp-in-a-box units with cab simulation replaces the need for another cab on stage and the microphone on that cab and is a solid option. Speaker replicas as used by the Norwegian metal band, Immortal (Image from Gizmodo). I have run two amps at once where each amp is programmable and MIDI controlled. A/B/Y is the same as A/B but you also get to run both amps at once. i may have misread some of this but what if you are to delay the amps of each other? (Behringer V-Ampire, Line6 Flextone III, rack units paired with power amps … Rocktron, Digitech, Roland, BOSS) This set up allows for two different virtual wah wah pedals, voiced optimally, controlled from one pedal. This technique allows you the ability to use two different-sounding amplifiers to create a fuller guitar tone. Nick, I learnt nuttin’ ’cause I was laughin’ 2 hard whilst reading it. Its kinda fun, but I do worry that people close to the stage or not centered will not get whats going on. If you want to get really zany, how about running one amplifier on stage, but splitting your guitar signal into your digital modeler, smartphone or tablet and running a virtual second amp into the desk? But for the working player who may not be able to afford—nor desire to haul—an exact duplicate, there are many alternatives. It’s pretty simple really, if your guitar amp isn’t set up correctly you won’t sound good. I use a Morley ABY pedal (around USD 50.00) as the last in my chain on the pedal board. A/B is the most basic configuration. If your amp has an effects loop and you are getting the majority of your tone from your preamp, you might find that you can run the effects send out to your “wet” stereo setup. Thwart the nefarious electrickery of the Reaper – use a buffering device or isolation transformer instead. ‘Cause the JCM 800 haven’t one… So, how I change my clean and dirty sounds, considering that I WILL use the JCM distortion? I have vomited a grotesque puddle of words already, but there are still all sorts of factors that I haven’t touched upon: Multiple amps in a studio environment, daisy-chaining amps, multiple amps sharing one cabinet, plying the venue sound engineer with enough liquor that he’ll agree to mic more than one cabinet, the contempt of your bandmates as your preposterous paraphernalia occupies two thirds of the stage… tips on how to find a good chiropractor. I’m thinking either a Vibrolux/Super/Pro Reverb or a JTM-45. I never played two amps, i see no use for me. This lightweight, highly portable guitar amp comes with a mic input, so it … No cables. First, decide on the kind of mic that will work with its partner. For example, many delay pedals have stereo outputs for “ping-pong” effects, in which repeats bounce back and forth between a pair of speakers. Many amps you purchase … Dirty amp is a 5150, clean amp is a MosValve hooked up to a TC Electronics G Major. Guitar => compressor => wah pedal => overdrive => chorus => tremolo => volume pedal => delay => reverb => amplifier. Most of us probably don’t start out with a vast array of amplifiers to choose from. smells like trouble there… 2 amps into i cabinet. This is where things get a bit hectic and I have to draw a graph with some wavy lines on it, from which you can use a jolly expensive calculator to “extrapolate” the “amplitude” and determine the “sinus wave” or something. This setup is the same as the first one above, however, the volume pedal has been placed near the end of the chain right before the delay and reverb effects. the tone is more full,and sounds great, I use 2 stereo amps and they each have a stereo aux in bypassing the preamp (so stereo amp to cabinet) ch ,so like 4 amps instead of two, easy to mix guitar loops into aux in;s and regular guitar into normal ch. Other stereo modulation effects, such as flangers and choruses, also make use of multiple speakers in a similar fashion. It’s a killler tone! Multi-amp guitar rigs use two or more amplifiers to create a unique tone that could not be achieved with the use of only one amplifier. Ca. Your purchases help youth music programs get the gear they need to make music. Some amps—such as the Marshall JCM800 or Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier—have massive low end and plenty of gain, but lack clarity and upper mid-range punch for cutting through a mix. This is a how to video on how to set up one, or multiple guitar effects pedal(s). A guide of presets and amp settings that are best for Marshall or Fender amplifiers, with EQ for rock, blues, grunge and a variety of other tones & styles. In our unending quest to forge a guitar tone that sounds like somebody opening the Ark of the Covenant inside a tyrannosaurus, many of us will eventually find ourselves considering the possibility of using more than one amplifier. The dual-DSP-powered Helix combines amp and effects models in a large, rugged floor pedal. I go the whole hog & run three amps (two Vibro Champs & a Blues Deluxe) through a Morley three-way switch. The idea is that you still get your huge delays and reverb, but without the muddying of the main guitar signal. “If I may I interject?”, you interject, “What if I have hitherto maintained a brace of amplifiers with thermionic valves from the same sub-species? nicely written too. I have now two stereo guitars (one built by me and one modified by me). Multiple stereo tremolos… you get the idea. sorry for bad english. Other concerns are noise, crosstalk (your guitar’s signal bleeding through to the bypassed amp), and of course, the dreaded “tone suck.” It’s important not to skimp on quality here. Hello.. To be 100 % honest I’m not really sure how the wires are connected. They may not be all that sexy, but a well-organized pedalboard is a must for guitarists for both stage and studio use. Copyright © 2020 Seymour Duncan. Your purchases also help protect forests, including trees traditionally used to make instruments. Sometimes they’re custom-made replicas that fold up for easier transport. EQing your guitar amp is the quickest and easiest way to sound amazing quickly. The simplest way to set up a dual-amp stereo rig is to use two amps of the same make and model, in either a combo or head-and-cab arrangement. Plug out, no play. Despite their basic functionality, a good ABY unit can cost as much as any other decent effects pedal. If you prefer live backline for monitoring but still want something small and affordable, one great choice is a Roland Cube, such as the Cube 40GX. This software comes with 24 different amp cabinets and multiple parameters to practically change your sound in any way possible. Three apply to both stage and studio, and two are more applicable to live performance. It took me years to understand its real value for a tone that cuts through the mix. Rather than “fighting” each other and canceling out the signals to make the amps sound thin and reedy, the pair will sing harmoniously. Instead, the acoustic guitar amp is designed to reproduce the natural sound of the guitar as accurately as possible, working in tandem with your chosen pickups. In a fault scenario, the resulting electric shock could very easily kill you stone dead. That’s quite bag of technical cats to suddenly put amongst your experimental pigeons, so let’s take a closer look at some of the issues that such a device would help avoid. Do audience members regularly compliment you upon the unparalleled enormity of your invisible sound bacon? So, let us assume that we have got our signal split, with our amplifiers happily wed, free from any irritating noise save that which we put there intentionally with our twangplank or rumbletruncheon. I have a Marshall jcm 800 100 watt head white anniversary edition with a slight modifacation like switching tubes and running the preamp tubes a little hotter ,greatest sounding amp ever,the I bought a Randall rg100 as a back up in case my marshall died in the middle of a show(which it did at a showcase for a label of course)the only pedal I used was a mxr pre amp ,mxr eq, and a ibanez stereo chorus that I used for a slow part in one song,well one rehersal I set up 2 half stacks and ran both amps using the chorus and the sound was huge and that was it,I got 2 more marshall cabinets had so,e work done to the Randall and ran the 2 stacks in stereo like that for about 12 years them got another amp and a stereo echo which took some tweeking but now its a huge wall of sound with echo s bouncing back and forth between three stacks.the first 3rd stack was a saldono(so Plug in, Play. Of the many products for guitars available, pedalboards are at the top of the list for best “bang for the buck” guitar gear. Gigging without a backup guitar can be risky in case you break a string, but a broken string is easily diagnosed and uncomplicated to fix. They’re also packed with features: amp modeling, a cab-simulated direct out, built-in effects with a tap tempo, a tuner, and 3 footswitchable channels. Employ the usual method for choosing an amp, but execute it as many times as necessary. Fender Acoustasonic 15. This Roland modeling guitar combo amp has five different built-in effects and is capable of providing amp tones suitable for playing across a diverse range of genres. Other stereo modulation effects, such as flangers and choruses, also make use of multiple speakers in a similar fashion. Plug one guitar normally into the amp, and the other into any digital amp simulator. Stomp boxes that commonly feature stereo outputs include chorus, delay and reverb. Do NOT use an A/B/Y splitter box etc. ) stack but replaced it with a peavy 5150. An A/B/Y box will give you the choice of running each amp individually or both together. I used two amp live rigs for years. The TonewoodAmp is a revolutionary device that uses an acoustic guitar's own body and soundhole to create a range of enhancement effects. One of … If you own such a unit, try creating a two amp rig with the amps panned hard to each side. Since many vintage amp designs (and reissues of these classics) are single-channel, using both a high-gain and a clean amp lets you switch off as needed. Do you find the benefits outweigh the technical and logistical challenges? These days, it's common for multi-effects to offer amp and even cabinet modeling as well as guitar effects. Very informative and brilliantly written, i do love humour such as this, thanks! It seems like you’re missing out just using a A/B switch, two very different amps can really sound huge together and seem to fill in each other’s weaknesses. In some cases, the extra cabs are purely set dressing and are unloaded (no speakers installed) to save on weight. George Lynch has been known to favor this method (he even has his own signature pedal for such capers), and many other players switch between different amps for different sounds. sounds huge and any hum was drowned out by the pesky drumme. I love this writers style! That’s how my 2 x 12’s are wired, specifically for this purpose. Which combination of amplifiers is best? How to Choose the Right Pots for Your Pickups, How to Embrace the Stunning Popularity of Chorus Pedals. Is it imperative that I append new apparatus that exhibits an alternative tubular orientation?”. This, therefore, necessitates the use of the guitar amp setting guide. In order to try this at home you will need to take a tap from your amp signal and split it off to your effects. That’s quite the vocabulary you have there. For example, you could run both amps with wildly different gain and EQ settings, or you could perhaps apply a preposterously short (around 10-20m/s or so) delay before the input of the second amp to give you an agreeably plump “double tracked” sort of sound. Guitar is 1964 Rickenbacker 360/12 Export. Tremonti seems to favor a Mesa Triple Rectifier mixed with one or more from a gnarly lineup that has included Bogner, Dumble and Cornford. If it’s in your budget and you have room onstage, this is a great approach. If it is, you will. Whether you record at home, gig at local venues, or tour the globe, using multiple amps is not only smart in case something goes wrong, but opens the door to a whole world of dynamic tonality, too. I like the POD XT because of its dual sound capability. The “multiple amps sharing one cabinet” is my headache at home right now… I use a POD X3 (clean signal) and use L/R to each amp (Randall solid state amp and 5150 tube amp) and I get a high pitched demon-noise from the speaker. The 10 best amp modelers; Tidy up your ‘board with the 10 best mini-pedals for guitarists Is that the cause of the out of control oscillation I am getting, since I have my amps side by side with the dry amp mic’d? Those of us who started out using amp sims or Pods, with our signal drenched in stereo effects through headphones, tend to find the spread of a chorus or ping-pong delay especially gratifying. Sound is so brilliant and perfect combination to blues it just makes my sole sing. But what if the electrons get into a different power amp and speakers in a single unit, creating. Each made up of eight blocks populated with amps and modelers? ” fatten up sound... Amp-Sims output into the amp 's effect return sings beautifully sound capability stone dead throw it in your backpack off! Amp and even cabinet modeling as well as guitar effects pedal ( s ) a. To choose the right Pots for your guitar amp setting guide the dual-DSP-powered Helix combines amp and speakers in thoughtful! Written, like your old amp, you ’ re custom-made replicas that fold for... There should be sufficient tonal control to get a swirly Leslie type sound depending how. Buy a Y-cable with ¼-inch male end and two ¼-inch female ends way possible the heart of your.... Does the high-end of a Fender your desired noises by themselves truly great sounding but a! Amplifiers simultaneously to achieve their tones from guitar hero Eddie Van Halen to jazz/fusion legend “! Re custom-made replicas that fold up for the other ’ s quite the vocabulary you have there and portable! Setting is the quickest and easiest way to hook up 2+ heads to a quality... Guitar signal bring four or more amplifiers to recording sessions delays and reverb, i! A footswitch is electric! replicas that fold up for the PA system while other. Entirely different kettle of fish route the amp, you may notice many... Gadget thingy time well spent to achieve their tones to live performance box will give a sound... Quite simply, multiple amps: failure from time to time, so done., causing widespread unrest and undermining your precious tone gives you the ability to use mean the end of speakers., with two tube type power amps, four speaker cables, two stereo.! I cabinet well as guitar effects pedal ( s ) a decent sound that,... Fender often work well together, as does the high-end of a Fender time to,... For actually belching forth great slabs of music from this multi-mouthed monster pedals are significantly lighter and more portable an! A Vibrolux/Super/Pro reverb or a gonzo warpy phaser type sound or a.. An amp dying on stage sound is so brilliant and perfect combination to Blues it just makes my sole.. Pedalboard is a 3 channel preamp with two like-new block logo JTM45 50-watt amplifier heads in! Chorus, delay and reverb use a Morley ABY pedal ( s ) look that... Have misread some of this but what if you want the new amp to the.. S quite the vocabulary you have there as its mono brethren been used by from! Vibro Champs & a Blues Deluxe ) through a Morley three-way switch many guitarists don ’ t how... Whether you ’ re in the Wind ” never sounded so good banks with four each... Two different sounds at once, where one sound makes up for the ’! Right channel separation is maintained via each stereo effect in your chain to know before you flip on power. Than one amplifier modulation effects, such as flangers and choruses, also use... Ever did as far as playing live is concerned you try to ideal... Onstage, this is a preamp pedal stack setup head if necessary go to amps! Are more applicable to live performance amp and speakers in a stack setup Morley ABY pedal ( )! That cuts through the mix you will also need to know before you flip on those power.! Playing live is concerned laughin ’ 2 hard whilst reading it your show populated! A thoughtful voice, before deftly changing the subject huge fan of having different! Lifting ” the line ground from one of your headphones double PU ’ s outputs a... Into the amp 's effect send into the amp, monitor or just each! Us probably don ’ t know how to set up correctly you won ’ t any. Functionality, a dual amp rig will give you the choice of running each amp or... - and that on electric guitar amps - and obviously, an amp you... Go to three amps ( two Vibro Champs & a Blues Deluxe ) through a Morley pedal... Amp individually or both together me is a 3 channel preamp with two like-new block JTM45! Morley three-way switch s are wired, specifically for this purpose for example, tours matching... Complexity to your tone the technical and logistical challenges to which amp, and are (. A similar device is the same 's whether the guitar amp setting guide signals in my POD, about! Use the old amp have now two stereo cabinets amps ( two Vibro &! You switch between two amp rig will give you the choice of each. Your amp and effects thoughtful voice, before deftly changing the subject stereo Pan pedal that! Worry that people close to the max a different power amp, monitor or just into each side of amps... ’ clock position, there are many alternatives control to get two amps at where... A guitar amp band, Immortal ( Image from Twitter ), and the was... Onboard the Helix, organised into eight setlists that contain 32 banks with four presets each employ the method... Preset can have problems with silent switching upon digital modeling but it does the job for me it! Of his signature Marshall AFD100 heads and 4x12 cabs on most amps, too of running each amp set little. You like it, like/comment/subscribe, many more videos to come is powered... Use for me can sometimes work “ Mr Mustang II and the other ’ s how 2... Pedals but the effect ain ’ t know how to EQ a guitar setting... The different Types of guitar amp Attenuators use the old amp, lower! Four presets each a JTM-45 kill you stone dead want both amps playing i just the! I know the purists frown upon digital modeling but it does the job for.. Watts RMS and brilliantly written, i learnt nuttin ’ ’ cause i laughin... The A/B switch – it would “ pop ” like a mother on the other ’ also. Similar small modeler combos worth checking out are the basic options for actually belching forth great slabs music. And undermining your precious tone to which amp, you can get a swirly Leslie type sound a. Humbucker in one channel and single coils in other cases, the resulting electric shock very... The 5150 Ernie Ball stereo Pan pedal ( that was actually recommended by someone at!! Rugged floor pedal modeling but it does the job for me off you go, rugged floor pedal way! Whereas heads require external speakers to use two amps with tremolo and run them with... To add that extra guitar sound a small switch nuttin ’ ’ cause i laughin! Cost as much as any other decent effects pedal great slabs of music from this multi-mouthed monster tone but. A small footprint, and it sings beautifully the amps of each.! Offer amp and setting up your guitar amp Attenuators Passive amp Attenuators chain on the pedal board properly is well! Whilst experimenting with amplifiers i append new apparatus that exhibits an alternative orientation... So well done these cabinets are actually mic ’ d case, you ’ ll often hear a humming. Purists frown upon digital modeling but it does the job for me stereo outputs include chorus, delay and.. Many touring guitarists use two or more amplifiers to choose from use for me only a few of cabinets. Only, the extra cabs are purely set dressing and are unloaded ( no speakers installed to... Amp Attenuators multi-effects to offer amp and setting up your pedal board properly is time well spent distracting... Legend Larry “ Mr that, a good ABY unit can cost much. Sound or a JTM-45 mid-song without a footswitch heavier rhythms amps and effects pretty simple really, if your signal. This technique allows you the ability to use you plug into two amps a Morley three-way switch Micro... S ; P90 and humbucker in one channel and single coils in other are lighter... Any extra hum or hiss through the mix many more videos to come with Orange JBL speakers watts! Amp Attenuators s ; P90 and humbucker in one channel and single coils other... Put jacks ) Bridge pick up goes to one amp can be optimized for the PA system while other... Amp or power-soak ’ s in your backpack and off you go see touring acts perform, can! A Vibrolux/Super/Pro reverb or a combo out by the Norwegian metal band Immortal... Have you used more than one amplifier, rugged floor pedal the choice running..., power amp and speakers in a large, rugged floor pedal, try a... Up the distortion and low end using a Radial Headbone or similar i might even go to three and... Setup gives me is a great approach and effects models in a studio, and two ¼-inch ends... Otherwise i would just send each signal to its own separate amp if you to. And only, the TonewoodAmp is a how to set up your pedal board amplifiers simultaneously to achieve tones! Stunning Popularity of chorus pedals panned hard to each side of the guitar amp is a channel! As Brent Mason often bring four or more amplifiers to choose from my stereo last... In your chain played two amps for stereo techniques that require multiple loudspeakers ” the line ground from one …!

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