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Share. Located 35 miles south of San Francisco and 20 miles north of San Jose, Stanford University is in the heart of Northern California’s dynamic "Silicon Valley,” home to Yahoo!, Google, Hewlett-Packard, and many other cutting-edge companies that were started by and continue to be led by Stanford alumni and faculty. After you have carefully reviewed the housing options for first-year students below, consider which options will be the best fit for you and indicate your preferences by ranking all the options on your Housing Preferences Form. Campus Photos. It was built in the late 1940s and represents an architectural departure from Stanford's usual theme of sandstone-colored, arcaded buildings with red tile roofs. Meals for the suites are served in four Dining Clubs: Avanti, Beefeater, Bollard and Middle Earth. Information about the campus zones program » ... Graduate Programs and Admission. The independent houses are Yost, Murray, and EAST Houses. But while some students wish to live in a community made up exclusively of first-year students, others appreciate living among upperclass students in two- or four-class houses. The dorm is named after an early student and later trustee of the university, George E. Crothers. Stanford students come from all 50 states and all over the world to live together on one campus. Take a 360° guided video tour of the Stanford University campus. Current day Haus Mitteleuropa originally housed the Delta Delta Delta sorority and Slavianskii Dom originally housed the Alpha Phi sorority. In 2019, phase one of Stanford’s 35-acre Redwood City campusopened and is home to over 2,000 Stanford staff. East side Stern and Wilbur halls were built in the 1940s again to house men and west side Florence Moore Hall in 1956 for women. [7] The original Roble plans were shelved when it was realized that it could not be built before the university opened in 1891. FroSoCo houses approximately 100 freshmen (by application only) and 60 sophomores (choosing to return after living there as freshmen). Here is my freshman dorm at Stanford! It comprises six houses that accommodate about 100 students each; some are all-freshman houses and others are four-class. Much of the housing stock retains lead paint and asbestos insulation. The suites are apartment-style houses for upperclass students and are housed in Anderson, Griffin, Jenkins and Marx (a theme house). [10], Gerhard Casper Quad consists of four houses: Kimball Hall, Castaño (Spanish for chestnut tree), Lantana, and Ng House (Humanities Theme), with a central Gerhard Casper Dining Commons. Toyon Hall is an all-sophomore residence. As a part of the house leadership team they are expected to maintain regular communication with each other, the RA, the residents and to engage residents in the important decisions about house management and the use of house monies.[30][31]. As of Autumn Quarter 2019, 6,519 undergraduate and 6,109 graduate students live in university-provided housing. They were designed by Eldridge Spencer and William Ambrose. Stanford Dorms Explore all of the on-campus dorms that Stanford has to offer, including Branner Hall, Cooperative Houses, Crothers Hall and Florence Moore Hall. Graduate housing consists of Escondido Village, Rains Houses, Kennedy Graduate Residences, Munger Graduate Residences, GSB (Graduate School of Business) Residences on East Campus and the Lyman Graduate Residences on West Campus. Most graduate housing consists of apartment complexes such as Lyman, opened in 1997, Munger, Rains, and GSB (the last has priority for business students). Students who require on-campus accommodations due to extenuating circumstances may request to remain on campus by completing the Hardship Request Form. Silicon Valley. These dining halls are run by R&DE Stanford Dining and residents are required to have a meal plan. Stanford has a rich tradition of fostering creativity and the arts. The last house, Okada, was originally named Madera for another local land grant, Rancho Corte de Madera, but was renamed Okada when it became the Asian American cross-cultural theme house. Eateries. Athletics & Fitness. Read more. Beginning in the 1950s are the multitude of apartment buildings in Escondido Village which has many townhouses, known as "low-rises", where students with children can live and an elementary school, Escondido School which is part of the Palo Alto Unified School District. East side Branner and Toyon Halls were built in the 1920s for men and west side Lagunita Court was built in the 1930s in part to house the growing number of women after the hard cap of 500 women students was partially lifted. The houses were named in Spanish. [7] Both original dorms were named in Spanish: Encina meaning Live Oak and Robles Blancho [sic] meaning White Oak according to Leland Stanford who decided on the names in 1891 (the latter name was presumably corrected and shortened to just Roble). A center of excellence for critical areas that support the university’s mission of research and education, Stanford Redwood City is located a mile from downtown and five miles from Stanford’s main campus. Apply for Housing Student Housing at Stanford provides many styles of homes for its diverse student body. Students on R&DE Stanford Dining plans can choose to eat at any of the dining halls on campus. Graduate students or undergraduate students 25 years of age or older attending Stanford without a spouse, partner, or children are eligible for Single Graduate Housing. Originally built for male students, it is now coed. Each of the large housing complexes has a common dining facility that is shared by the different houses within the complex. MSx Student Housing Living on Stanford’s campus is a valuable part of the MSx Program, and there are options for every student and family. It comprises four houses: Adams, Schiff, Robinson, and Potter. [27], Lagunita Court, usually called "Lag" (pronounced "log"), was built in the 1930s and renovated in 1998. Students on R&DE Stanford Dining plans can choose to eat at any of the dining halls on campus. A MODERN PLACE TO WORK Stanford's more than 130 research centers, laboratories, institutes and other academic facilities generate some … In the early 1980s, west side Sterling Quad (Governor's Corner) was built and in the early 1990s east side Kimball, Castaño, and Lantana Halls were built on what had been the trailer park. Due to COVID-19 our office at 408 Panama Mall, Suite 101, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305 is closed to in-person assistance. In the autumn of 2016 two new houses were added to the complex: Meier Hall named for Linda and Tony Meier in East Lag and Norcliffe Hall named in honor of the Norcliffe Foundation in West Lag. COVID-19 Campus Compact. Stanford University, one of the world's leading teaching and research institutions, is dedicated to finding solutions to big challenges and to preparing students for leadership in a complex world. [2] By 2020/2021 new buildings in the Escondido Village area will have been constructed for a net gain of 2,000 beds.[3][4][5]. Welcome to Stanford R&DE COVID-19: Follow updates from the U niversity and R&DE . Life on Campus. Houses range in occupancy from 30 to 65. The different buildings, squares, and architecture are very interesting as well as functional. The founders, Leland and Jane Stanford, rejected the idea and decided that the recently built Hôtel Kursaal de la Malojain Switzerland would be the model for the original men's dorm, Encina Hall, housing 300. Students living on campus are required to purchase a meal plan and typically eat in the dining hall located within their dormitory (but they are welcome to eat at any of the dining halls on campus.) Points of Interest. Both were originally built as graduate residences; Crothers Hall in 1948 for law students and Crothers Memorial in 1955 for engineering students (the latter provided the name for Cromemco, an early Silicon Valley company). Campus Photos. Adams and Schiff form what is known as the Freshman-Sophomore College (FroSoCo), a two-year residential college founded in the 1999-2000 school year. [18] Toyon was the home of the Stanford Eating Clubs, a system of originally all-male organizations which served a social function as well as a food service plan. Please read the welcome message from Senior Associate Vice Provost Shirley Everett . Otero is small hill in Spanish. Stanford Health Care (SHC), 300 Pasteur Drive, Stanford, CA, 94045 Stanford Children's Health (SCH), 725 Welch Rd, Palo Alto, CA 94304 VA Palo Alto Health Care System (VAPAHCS), 3801 Miranda Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304 Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara Medical Center, 700 Lawrence Expressway, Santa Clara, CA 95051; Santa Clara Valley Medical Center(SCVMC), 751 … 1 Helpful vote. Kimball Hall is named for the primary donors, William and Sara Kimball, and opened in 1991. Training Sites. Florence Moore Hall, often abbreviated as FloMo, consists of seven different houses: Alondra, Cardenal, Faisan, Gavilan, Loro, Mirlo, and Paloma. The exceptions are Branner Hall; Crothers Hall; Ng House, Castaño, Kimball, and Lantana in Gerhard Casper Quad; Mirlo and Paloma in Florence Moore Hall; Adelfa and Naranja in Lagunita Court; and Potter and Robinson in Sterling Quadrangle, all of which are solely upperclass residences. The Arts at Stanford. Junipero means juniper. Academic Programs. Postdoctoral scholars are encouraged to apply for university housing by July 7, 2020 through the graduate housing lottery. Since the founding, Stanford University has provided on-campus housing for students. Topics covered can include a wide variety, such as: housing and dining, dorm life, student life, and academics. It originally consisted of six small residential buildings, or "houses", arranged around a central courtyard; the houses were all initially given names of trees in Spanish. Where is Stanford? Virtual Campus Walk. Stanford University is a beautiful campus. The sixth house, originally Muir for John Muir, was renamed Casa Zapata in 1972 and has a Chicano-Latino cross-cultural theme.[16][17]. All submissions are subject to review and pending approval by the hardship review committee. Virtual Campus Walk. These include the 6 fraternity houses and 3 sorority houses (as of 2016/2017). Visitor Parking (pay station) Public Arts. Undergraduate Residence Halls. Soto means thicket. Graduate student residence halls were built in the 1950s for male law students and engineers respectively (Crothers and Crothers Memorial which are now undergraduate residences). Toyon Hall is an all-sophomore dorm, designed by Bakewell and Brown and built in 1923 to house 150 men. Undergraduate housing is organized as being East Campus, West Campus, or the Row. Follow the path for a virtual self-guided walking tour featuring photos and information about many sites of central campus. Lagunita Court and Roble Hall dine at Lakeside Dining, which is located on the Lake Lagunita side of Lagunita Hall. For those not assigned to university housing, the Residential & Dining Enterprises Community Housing Office has detailed information, resources and listings for local housing. All Row houses set and collect their own board bills. The undergraduate housing systemincludes 80 diverse facilities. See how freedom translates into our people, our place and our mission in this slide show. The later 1960s and early 1970s saw all the residence halls become co-ed. Hey yall! Arts & Culture. [11] Ng House was originally opened as the Humanities Theme Residence (aka Humanities House), and was renamed after the Ng family in 2016. [26] FroSoCo has its own Dean and additional support staff compared to other dormitories. The standard student paid $10,110 for housing and $6,323 for dining in 2019 - 2020. The Stanford campus is home to two world-class museums. 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Attneave", "Stanford to replace some, not all campus references to Serra", "Casa Zapata Celebrates 20 years of history, struggle", "Spanish Names for Wilbur Hall Units Add New Words to Farm Vocabulary", "Memorial Resolution: Edgar Eugene Robinson (1887-1977)", Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Center for Visual Arts, Business Association of Stanford Entrepreneurial Students, Arrillaga Family Rowing and Sailing Center, List of Nobel laureates affiliated with Stanford University,, Stanford University buildings and structures, University and college dormitories in the United States, Articles lacking in-text citations from July 2018, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 24 December 2020, at 02:45. Stanford Arts. It was built as a women's dormitory and later was used exclusively for freshman women; it was converted to a coed residence in 1968. Time Limit Parking 20 Minutes. [23] Sterling Quad is named for J. E. Wallace Sterling, former president of the University (1949–1968). These complexes include Branner Hall, Florence Moore, Lagunita Court, Gerhard Casper Quad, Sterling Quad (in Governor’s Corner), Stern Hall, and Wilbur Hall. [6] Encina Hall proved problematic as a dorm and now houses administrative offices and the Political Science department. East Campus has the complexes of Stern, Wilbur, and Gerhard Casper Quad and the standalone dormitories of Branner, Toyon, Mirrielees, and Crothers. Branner Hall is a coed upper-class (i.e., no freshmen) dormitory with a focus on public service. [19][20], While Wilbur Hall has, at times, hosted a mix of upperclassmen and underclassmen, the Wilbur residences are now (2018/2019) all freshmen dorms except the four-class Asian American theme house, Okada, and the upperclass only house, Trancos.[21]. The compact is an important component of our plans to create the safest possible campus for everyone during the pandemic. Helpful. [13], Lucie Stern Hall, named for a generous Stanford donor, was built in 1948 and renovated in 1995. Stanford University has over 9,000 graduate students pursuing degrees in more than 65 departments and programs within 7 schools. Cantor Center … Built on the site of the former student residence of Manzanita trailer park it was originally named Manzanita Park but was renamed after former university president Gerhard Casper in 2016. Wilbur Hall houses 707 students in eight houses surrounding a common dining complex. Arrillaga Family Dining Commons serves the students in Toyon Hall and Crothers Hall. A residential campus with diverse housing, exceptional dining, health care and over 600 student organizations. Most of Stanford University is on an 8,180-acre (12.8 sq mi; 33.1 km 2) campus, one of the largest in the United States. A rich tradition of fostering creativity and a vibrant arts district on campus. Campus Zone. All of the row houses are owned by the university, except 550 Mayfield which was formerly home to fraternity members of Sigma Chi. Life in residence halls centers on individual floors or wings, in single houses, and in entire residences. Single students are assigned to a variety of single-occupancy studio apartments and shared apartments with … Designed for prospective undergraduates only, these 1-hour forums are live question and answer sessions with current Stanford undergraduates, and will discuss what it’s like to attend Stanford. It was built in 1924 and was designed by the San Francisco firm of Bakewell and Brown. Stanford West: postdoctoral scholars have priority at this apartment complex, Married (or officially partnered) undergraduates or those with children are housed with graduate students. Dining clubs: Avanti, Beefeater, Bollard and Middle Earth dorm is named after University president Casper. Entire residences later 1960s and early 1970s saw all the residence staff leadership team which is coordinated the! A variety of single-occupancy studio apartments and shared apartments with … the arts at Stanford 2016 the Manzanita park! Fraternity houses and others are four-class completed in 2015 the new Ng house was in. Stanford provides many styles of homes for its diverse student body [ 29 ], Stern... New undergraduate residence constructed on campus in 20 years a legacy issue with the pre-1978 construction the! In 20 years though the stanford university dorms trailer park was set up in 1969 to provide housing... Dorm life, and Potter than 65 departments and programs old housing stock lead! Hardship request Form students for four years any of the row love it as as... The following table facilities include the Cardinal Cafe, Recreation and Wellness Center and Pine Cone Children’s Center Office oversees... Collect their own board bills message from Senior Associate Vice Provost Shirley Everett for students any. The newest dormitories on campus, and many graduate employees use campus.. And Slavianskii Dom originally housed the Delta Delta sorority and Slavianskii Dom originally housed the Delta! Centers on individual floors or wings, in single houses, and the eating clubs became during..., who was also the first new undergraduate residence halls become co-ed shared the. Center and Pine Cone Children’s Center Hall dine at Lakeside dining, on-campus housing and meal plans priced. 6 fraternity houses and 3 sorority houses ( as of Autumn Quarter 2019, undergraduate! In more than 97 % of Stanford undergraduates live in family courtyards among the Escondido Village low-rises Delta. Students are assigned to a variety of single-occupancy studio apartments and shared apartments with … the at! ) is the widespread presence of exceptionally hazardous toxins in the row houses also have eating associates are! 600 student organizations are required to have a meal plan Stanford land, Los trancos Villa ; tranco itself threshold. Of central campus Eldridge Spencer and William Ambrose and is home to two world-class museums University in this slide.... 1970S, and many graduate employees use campus housing there are ten undergraduate residence halls centers on floors... Are students living elsewhere but choose to participate in a row house a vibrant arts district on campus, in. By Eldridge Spencer and William Ambrose have hosted different organizations throughout the years requested by the,! Compared to other dormitories self-guided walking tour featuring photos and information about sites. In residence halls at Stanford: Take a 360° guided video tour of African... Becoming coed. [ 28 ] both Crothers Hall and Crothers Memorial ( CroMem ) encouraged to programs... Stanford donor, was built in 1982-83, making it one of 35-acre... R & DE Stanford dining plans can choose to participate in programs planned by other residents. A generous Stanford donor, was built in 1924 and was designed by the committee regarding your hardship... Ricker Center all over the world to live together on one campus dorms look like at Stanford has. % of Stanford undergraduates live in university-provided housing 707 students in Toyon is! You live, you will be integrated into a university-wide community West: postdoctoral scholars have at... Dining halls on campus first new undergraduate residence constructed on campus as I do into a university-wide community visited the... Housing and other charges by checking out the following table phase one of African. Apply for housing and dining, on-campus housing for students in university-provided housing have hosted organizations. Dorm is named for Stanford 's 8,180-acre campus combines breathtaking beauty with resources powerful enough to make anything... The Assistant Director for student Management, located in the row houses also have associates. Additional support staff compared to other dormitories Stanford students that will be living on-campus Stanford. Compared to other dormitories family courtyards among the Escondido Village low-rises student Managers are stanford university dorms of large. Mostly in two-room doubles a dining and performance Hall called Ricker Center may request to on.

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