November 27, 2013

The rotating head makes cleaning easy and lets you reach under and around furniture. Absolutely none! I have been using Bona on my engineered hardwood floors for almost five years. I am in my late 70's, have solid wood floors throughout the first and second floors and have never put in half the effort that I did when I had carpeting! I kid you not. more . Use every 1-4 months, depending on traffic, to keep floors revitalized and looking their best. Hear about her experience with our Bona Certified Craftsman. I think that sealing the flooring on site is definitely better, although not as durable as the finishes now used on prefinished flooring. It's a TOTAL mess, it makes me sick. I have used cleaner twice a month and floors are cloudy. Bona certified wood floor companies have the training and the experience. Apply Bona Wood Floor Polish or Refresher with a Bona Applicator Pad. Now all the sheen that was there is gone. So I’m trying to decide if I want to live with it in some of my areas again. How can I remove this? Bona Wood Floor Cleaner >>                         Bona Tile & Laminate Cleaner >>    Bona Cleaner for Oiled Floors >>, Wood Floor Cleaning kit >> Tile & Laminate Cleaning Kit >>, Spray Mop Cartridge for wood floors >>Spray Mop Cartridge for tile & laminate >>, Wood Floor & Furniture Varnish Extra Matt. Are you the only one who cleans the floor? I have found that original Windex actually took the film off. However, it just happened to me again and a new bottle has not helped. If it says cleaner, than it is the cleaner. DO NOT US ANY BONA products ever. When your floor looks dirty, spray it with Bona Wood Floor Cleaner to dissolve the dirt.2. How about a wet swiffer? I too have engineered, pre finished hard wood floors and up until now, Murphy's Oil soap or Spic and Span always did a great job and left zero film. Wood flooring in high water areas really boils down to dedication in keeping the floor dry. This week, we bought the Bona hardwood floor CLEANER (not polish) and mop with 16" floor pad, and did the entire house (wood floor) with it, going exactly by instructions. Every few years a new coat can be easily applied to make your floor like brand new, and I would assume that the new floor would be solid wood. Simply spray and wipe, the streak free formulation dries almost instantly. @SJ McCarthy. Either way, try the Windex first. Simply spray and wipe the floor clean. I have heard so many times how disgusting someone thinks carpet is because you can’t keep it clean like hardwoods. Bona FlexiSand DCS Buffer. You get more than 40 premium products covering every stage of wood floor renovation, from sanding to top coating. Cleaning is needed for every floor. What are these striated lines in my new floor? Clean the floor using Bona Cleaner for oiled floors and a Bona Cleaning Pad. Now all of a sudden they are cloudy about 2 days after being done. Most of the flooring turned out good but I messed up one area. In my opinion neither is better or worse. Apply Bona Tile & Laminate Polish with a Bona Applicator Pad. I used a one-to-one mixture (1 part trewax to one part water) apply it to a small area, wait five (timed) minutes, wipe with a dry towel,then use a damp rag to get rid of the disintegrated mess and finish with a dry towel. The company that sold me my floor recommended Bona. Let dry for at least 2 hours. Makes cleaning wooden floors easy and quick. How do you not clean your floor? For that reason, it can safely be used 3-4 times a year to keep restoring shine to your aging hardwood floors. I don't understand what's going on. Houzz Call: What Have You Salvaged for Home Use? Basic Wood Floor Installation Basic ... our cleaning lady vacuumed the floors with a Dirt Devil hardwood floor vacuum and upon returning home our fabulous floors are RUINED. Spray some on a glass tabletop, window or mirror and wipe it until it's dry with a paper towel. I have only used Bona on my floors for 6 years and they were always beautiful. Apply one even coating over the whole floor. Bona Polish fills in minor scratches and evens out the shine on your wood floors. I never try to steer anyone to wood in those areas because I dont want to be the one blamed if there is a moisture problem. Biggest mistake I've ever made. From the best stains and topcoats to the best dustless sanding system on the market, you’ll get all of the advantages with a Bona certified company. Bona leaves a film after a while. Wipe the floor clean using a Bona Cleaning Pad on your Bona Mop.3. Then squirt Bona Polish onto the floor, spread it with an applicator, and let it dry. It left a gray, hazy film on the floors and I'm just sick, absolutely sick. I use Bona Cleaner. 1c ammonia per gallon of water. Just mop with a damp mop and soon the haze disappears. It is easy and safe to use and leaves no dulling residue. This week, we bought the Bona hardwood floor CLEANER (not polish) and mop with 16" floor pad, and did the entire house (wood floor) with it, going exactly by instructions. Our stains outperform the competition and are the perfect choice to give your floors a look you’ll love! I just spent the last 8 hours removing the filmy buildup that Bona left on my kitchen hardwood floor. It left a film on my hardwoods. It ended up being just what I wanted. Don't use Bona it is over-hyped. What is the gloss level of your floor (at time of purchase)? I am going to call them and tell them that it damages the floor. 1. Once a month is about standard. If the culprit is too much water and cleaning, then the only cure for a water damaged finsh is sanding and refinishing. They are insured and licensed and don’t take shortcuts. Here’s what to expect, We give you the details on cost, installation, wood varieties and more to help you pick the right hardwood flooring, Strange smells, crowded beds, ruined furniture — here’s what cohabiting with little monsters really feels like, If your floors, furniture, exterior materials or other home elements have a past life, we'd like to hear the story, Mesquite: The Brawny Beauty for All Over the Home, Contractor Tips: Smooth Moves for Hardwood Floors, Linoleum, the All-Purpose Flooring Wonder, What to Know About Using Reclaimed Wood in the Kitchen, What to Ask Before Choosing a Hardwood Floor, 21 Things Only People Living With Kids Will Understand. Sorry Debra but you picked the wrong gloss level for you. I would consider myself more expert in refinishing than installing. Ceramic tiles, marble, laminate, vinyl, linoleum. To summarize, I was able to clean up the hazy mess with ammonia free Windex. It can be purchased at Home Depot where apparently it can only be purchased on line. I have never understood the need for cleaning products on wood floors? I don’t know the exact chemical differences between the wood and tile Bona products, but I have been using the wood product on my engineered wood floors for seven years. Keep in mind I am an historic preservationist and poly is not period correct so that is clearly a part of it. If the floor looks dull, scratched or shows other signs of wear, follow these steps to restore the beauty of the floor.1. Most finishes are also going to react with the tannin in the wood. My floor was looking dull so I messed up and polished my 5 year old hardwood floor with Bona polish. Even if you use Bona cleaner daily, it should not leave a residue or build up if used properly. They should not be allowed to put out products like this. Spray a clean white towel lightly and rub the floor. The Bona Power Scrubber System is designed to remove the toughest dirt and grime, including scuff marks. Excessively soiled pads may be laundered. Vacuum the floor carefully. Pics. And yes, Bona cleaner can do this if it is over used. Bona® Hardwood Floor Polish High Gloss restores the shine to your hardwood floors while offering protection against wear. Every foot print shows !!! From what I understand, the lye can continue to process and lighten over the next month or so, and with light/sun-but I am no expert. Then a proper floor care regimen of only swiffering and spot cleaning with maybe a monthly cleaning with an approved floor cleaning product. Bona Polish is easy to use, makes wood floors look great! That's how they end life. Bona Wooden floor cleaners finishes adhesives sanding . Apply one even coating over thewhole floor. And hard on my feet. It *should do the same thing as Windex Original Formula (you WANT the 5% ammonia in the original formula). install of Cairo Oak, Noble Oak or Calypso Oak? And just plain life means daily sweeping and spray mopping and now I’m worried about how to get the floors looking clean again :/. I will try to ammonia free windex which is basically vinegar and water. I have only used Bona cleaner on them before. Water that is left standing on wood will ALWAYS be a problem. What Others Are Saying. Wood floors are the crowning glory of any home. Our red oak floors had a satin poly finish applied on site I've obly ever used Bona to clean them I hate the cloudy gray cast on them, but am afraid to use ammonia to see if it will come off any thoughts? 3. Matte floors look "hazy" and "show foot prints or oily paw prints". Bona has TWO products. I'm waiting for a group of people to get together and create a Class Action lawsuit against Murphy's Oil Soap. The feel is really really smooth, and feels like wood. At the beginning the floors looked radiant and mirror like. You will have to change the water frequently and use several cloths. The operative word is "looking". Spills. The reason I recommend on site finishing is for maintenance. Floor tire removal and without replacing kitchen . Every floor is just about as "clean" as the other (carpet being the one exclusion to this list - don't get me going!). Are you sure you didn't accidentally get another product and use it, like Bona Polish? Yes, it's a hands and knees deal but compared to the other methods, the time spent is, and was, worth the incredible efforts and literally weeks of work. It could be the satin poly. But NaturalSeal adds the merest hint of white to help cancel out that darkening effect. 25 people found this helpful. Consider these professional pointers before you lay the first plank, Dashing in a rainbow of colors, able to be cleaned with ease and courteous to budgets everywhere, linoleum is a super choice for floors, One-of-a-kind lumber warms a room and adds age and interest, Inventive options and durability make tile a good choice for floors. It is very easy to apply. As in "the appearance of". I will never use the Bona floor cleaner again but I do appreciate this polish to take the dull look from my floors. your floors. The 'LOOK' of clean is the "issue" most people have. Since both brands have been successful in the floor care business for decades (for Bona, nearly a century), my assumption is most dissatisfied customers run into issues because they fail to follow the instructions properly. Wood Floors 101; Floor Tips and Tricks; NEW Antibacterial Surface Cleaner: Kills 99.9% of Household Germs* Tackle your toughest household messes with Bona PowerPlus® Antibacterial Surface Cleaner. The EASIEST way to get a shiny floor: purchase a floor with enough gloss on it to begin with. There have been enough reports of similar issues locally that we have a manufacturer who will now void the warranty if Bona products are used on their floor rather than their own proprietary solution. Mist the same area AGAIN and then wipe up with NEW CLEAN CLOTH, 5. If so, how does the sheen there compare with the exposed areas? ProSource Memphis what do you recommend we use then with satin finish poly? Rely on the Bona System for every step of the hardwood floor finishing process from adhesives to sand and finish and floor care. Varnished, painted, hardwaxed or oiled surfaces. Hope this corrects it. I have used just water to damp mop and that seems to work but my floor is not as shiny as I’d like it to be. Bona® Hardwood Floor Polish High Gloss restores the shine to your hardwood floors while offering protection against wear. Did it leave a residue? Bona makes six different sealers, each a slightly different under-color. 2. Dark Hardwood Floors vs. Light Hardwood Floors? My floor is dark and shows marks/dirt after 1 day. That cured me of floor cleaning products for good. You seem to have all the answers so I’m asking how do I get my floors to shine now without polish. After hours of combing the internet for removal solutions and viewing You Tube for answers I noticed a user had mentioned a product called "TREWAX" that worked for him. They have put one more coat on of the master oil since this pic, but I have not yet seen it. I haven’t cleaned them recently, other than vacuuming as no kids or pets. It left a gray, hazy film on the floors and I'm just sick, absolutely sick. Polish wood floors every 2-4 months, depending on the traffic in your home, to add extra shine and protection. Process: Floor is sanded down to the bare wood. COREtec floors? I have a dark Brazilian wood floor and I had problems from day 1 with using Bona. Hs anyone had experience with oiled finish hardwood floors? While their finishes can act like a sealer, using a sealer gives more depth and an extra build layer. The Bona Ultimate Hardwood Floor Care Kit includes everything you need to dust, clean and polish your hardwood floors. I cook and bake a lot and there is no way a dust mop is going to clean up after me. Bona Polish is a non-toxic urethane coating that is suitable for all hardwood floors. Only used it once and never again. I think everyone commenting needs to keep in mind that the darker floors are going to show more. Repeat steps 1-7 until the entire floor is finished. I figured I had nothing to loose and it was cheap enough. So how does water reach and damage bare wood through the polyurethane finish? I will never use Bona on my wood floors - or any floors- again. I use the tile version only on tile and haven’t tested it on my engineered wood since engineered wood does have a layer of real wood … it just isn’t solid wood. If not, the only thing I can think of is that something else is contaminating your floor and the Bona cleaner is spreading it around. I already told you how to try to tremove the Bona buildup, if that is what it is. Prepping your space . It is not the finish it is the Bona..I will confirm this in a few weeks. Bona AB is a familyowned company founded in 1919 With its headquarters in Malmo Sweden Bona is present in more than 90 countries through subsidiaries and distributors We provide products for the installation maintenance and renovation of wooden and other hard floor surfaces. Your tempted to do it more often, only problem is the sprays are a bit expensive. I really like the look of the finish, looking like wood and not a lot else. No floor is complete, unless its Bona complete. It's sent to the store for your pickup freight free. The Bona makes cleaning my wooden floors easy. Please notice the words I've used: look. Report abuse. Here are my two Learn More . I'm sure it has single handedly ruined several millions (possibly billions) of square feet of flooring! Cleaning hardwood floors with water, or using water excessively, is a leading cause of blackened, water-stained, warped and ruined wood flooring. Since dirt and grime can’t hide on wood flooring like they can on carpet, the steps needed to properly clean wooden floors may at first seem a bit 'high maintenance'. If you are one of those people I suggest a natural oak or maple in a satin (if you want low gloss) or semi-gloss (if you want shiny) and then invest in a great set of microfibre mops...and some water. 2. More often than not it is a product of the chosen finish and or people who don't understand what they attempt to put on their floors. Simply remove all furniture and rugs, then sweep, vacuum-clean or dust-mop your floor, and give it a wet cleaning with Bona Wood Floor Cleaner. 1. We provide products for the installation, maintenance and renovation of wood floors. I used Bona cleaner ONCE years ago on my hardwoods....never again. So before you even LOOK at flooring, you will need to LOOK yourself in eye and decide if you are a "shiny-clean" person. With floors that have a protective sealant, it is the finish that is getting the most attention when we clean—not the actual hardwood. Thanks. Shiny floors "show dust". Now I usually just use water and vinegar and dry it after I do a small section. Ammonia will not remove a *properly applied* polyurethane coating. It also mimics the look that many homeowners with an oil-based finished floor are used to. but my floor is not as shiny as I’d like it to be.". Your sweeping and water-damp mopping is all that is needed. Learning how to clean wood floors is essential for protecting and maintaining your beautiful investment. Bona wood floor cleaners have been recognised as the best by The Spruce and Good Housekeeping. Use every 1-4 months, depending on traffic, to keep floors revitalized and looking their best. Clean small area at at a time with fresh clothes each time until the crap is no longer evident on the cloth. How often do you wash the mop covers? Dark floors look "dusty". If neither of those are present, then it can most likely be sanded and refinished. I have dark, shiny Brazilian cherry that shows not only dust but every drop of water you drip on it. We had beautiful hardwood floors. That means 12x - 15 times per YEAR is all that is needed. Refinisher warned me never to use Bona polish. All we have used on this floor is Bona floor cleaner!!! Rugs and mats can be more than just accents; they can provide much needed protection and comfort for wood floors. Leave the Windex sit on the floor for 30 - 60 seconds (no less and CERTAINLY not more), 3. That's WAAAAYYY too often! That's how they start life. I know I can't use that regularly, but it worked for me. This is a great item. Refinish Remove damage and discoloration with dust-free sanding and water-based refinishing or update your floor design with a new stain color with a Bona … I also have some design software that may help with your need. One way to create harmony with wood floors is by using area rugs. Even a clear coat tends to slightly darken the appearance of wood once it dries. We have never had a problem. Let dry for at least 2 hours. Using Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner is simple:Step 1: First, vacuum your floors to remove loose dirt and dust.Step 2: Next, spray Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner liberally on your floor using the spray bottle that it comes in or apply it using the Bona Hardwood Floor Spray Mop (see on Amazon).Step 3: Mop it up with a slightly dampened cloth, a Bona Microfiber Mop, or, if you’re using the Bona Spray Mop, just wipe it with that. But they are beautiful. Let dry for at least 2 hours. If you are someone who borders on OCD. I was planning to do them this week and don’t want to get the haze, so I thank everyone for the heads up and hope you can get your floors back looking good. " I have used bona cleaner in the past on my site finished satin poly red oak floors, and didn’t notice a haze. The Bona System contains a full range of high performing, environmentally safe products. No, kitchen floors almost never need as much cleaning as people think they do. If it says "polish" then it is a temporary polish. Now the floors look horrible. Clean it using Bona Wood Floor Cleaner and a Bona Pad on your Bona Mop.2. The WRONG one is the POLISH. It's a floor stripper and oddly enough in doesn't mention wood floors, only asphalt,tile etc. With a CLEAN WHITE CLOTH (old cotton sheets are wonderful especially if they are flannel), wipe up the Windex - the cloth should come away looking yellowy/brown, 4. Like so many of you I noticed the gray/white haze that completely ruined the flooring. Helpful. It wears off slowly and gradually after 3-4 months. I then used Bona polish remover to remove it and then when I found this discussion I used Windex to remove what was left. "It’s funny to read these upkeep issues and care for hardwood floors.". My floors are now over 7 (or 8) years old and I have never used anything except a dust mop or until recently ... my shark duo-clean vac. Of course, that's been the case all along technically, but that was something that they would let slide if it looked like the homeowner tried to do the right thing carewise and the claim didn't involve a film issue. If you are using water at all on the floors, you've probably already damage them and it could be that water damage that is lifting the finish and causing a hazy appearance. Oil based cleaners (such as Murphy's Oil Soap) should be left on the shelf unless you want to sue someone because you are SOOOO mad their product ruined your hardwoods! Bona Wood Floor Cleaner is specially designed for effective cleaning of varnished and hard-wax oiled wooden floors. Either way, both can cause a haze after a while. Give it an hour before you walk on it, and 24 hours before allowing heavy traffic to resume. I think sometimes you just get a bad batch. It cost me six dollars and eighty-eight cents for a two-pack. Please contact us if we can be of further help. What is so difficult about keeping wood floors looking clean? Do you use any fabric softener? There are millions of people with hardwood floors, my parents had site finished oak for 50 years, who never had an issue with basic cleaning and realistically no maintenance other the normal regular cleaning. Bona Hardwood Floor Polish Review Reviewed by Wood Floor Doctor on July 17 . I used 1/4 cup white vinegar to 1/2 gallon warm water. dirty Feet. Find out how to keep them that way, Dreaming of gorgeous, natural wood floors? Avoid wax, vinegar and “all-purpose” cleaners, since they dull the floor’s finish. Bona also makes a tile floor cleaner and I used it as directed on one of our bathroom tiled floors, and it also left a really dull film on our beautiful tile. From the onset I used Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner and Bona Hardwood Floor Polish. SJ MCarthy and Debra Serrano Actually I have a High gloss dark solid wood floor and my floors are dull! Soak up liquid spills immediately as excessive use of water can cause permanent stains. Continue on the same spot until the CLEAN cotton cloth comes back 'damp' but not yellow (clean), 7. Powered by hydrogen peroxide, this ready to use cleaner cuts through grease and grime and leaves your home smelling fresh and clean. Here is before, and just sanded, no other process: It’s funny to read these upkeep issues and care for hardwood floors. The two counter-rotating brushes are optimised for use on wood floors and are highly effective even on rough or brushed surfaces and boards with bevelled edges. Dampen a Bona Cleaning Pad with Bona Oil Refresher.Spray Bona Oil Refresher onto the floor and distribute with the pad.

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