November 27, 2013

3. 1/2 RE 18320-24/01.10 Replaces: RE 00162-02/01.06 VBST-12U-RS 04.59.30 - X - 86 - Z Counterbalance, vented guided poppet type, counterclockwise adjustment SUN cavity interchange, T-2A When pressure at 2 rises above the W • Max. counterbalance valve with thread 7/8-14 UNF (CBPP-10…) or 20x1.5mm (CBPP-20M…) are size SAE 10 / NG 8. The counterbalance valve is located in a line between a directional control valve and the vertically mounted actuator/cylinder. Our Sun Hydraulic cartridge valves are second to none and the industry leader. counterbalance valve allowing flow to pass from the valve port to the work port. With the beam in the up position pump on valve in The check section allows 12-1 G Stack Valves Functional Symbols 1 Hydraulic fluid Omit: mineral oil based fluid, water-glycol based fluid F3: phosphate ester 2 Pressure control functions TGMR: counterbalance valve TGMR1: sequence valve 3 Mounting 1/2 RE 18320-29/01.11 VBSN-25U-RS 04.52.46 - X - 50 - Z Counterbalance, standard poppet type, differential area, counterclockwise adjustment SUN cavity interchange, T-19A When pressure at 2 rises above the spring bias This valve is 3-ported, externally piloted and low leakage. Adding a meter-out restrictive flow control between the actuator and the counterbalance valve to reduce the amount of metering needed by the valve can help reduce instability. G 36-1 Stack Valves Characteristics Curve (at 32 mm2/s, 40 C) (typical examples) •orking Pressure: 21 MPa Max. In most cases the circuit will be more stable after replacing the counterbalance valve with a valve that has a lower pilot ratio or is restrictive or smaller. CVR – Counterbalance Valve Ratio. NOTE: Counterbalance valves are not relief valves or energy-saving devices. Other names for this valve include motion control valve and over-center valve. An externally piloted counterbalance does not waste energy at the end of stroke and does not require adjustment for changing loads. As shown in Figure 1, a counterbalance valve attached to the full-bore (cap end) area of the cylinder and set to 150 bar, at zero load, will force the pump to develop a pressure of 300 bar at the annular (rod end) area before the The proven counterbalance valve series ZNS in size NG06 (CETOP 03) and NG10 (CETOP 05) enables a reliable operation by controlling the actuator movement at overrunning loads. Counterbalance valves Cartridge Valves Technical Information Counterbalance valves 520L0588 • Rev DA • June 2010 9.3 Introduction Quick reference Index Application notes Application notes A counterbalance valve provides several Compression beam counterbalance valve adjustment: You should have one of your heaviest head assemblies attached to the compression beam before making any adjustments. Quick Reference Counterbalance Valves Catalog Hydraulic Vent CB10-HV OPERATION CB10-HV : Counterbalance valve, 10-size, hydraulic vent. It is always advisable to set the counterbalance valve before it is fitted onto the application but if this is not possible a suggested set up procedure is as follows. Adding a small direct operated relief valve to the pilot line to limit the maximum pilot pressure to help to prevent over opening with high … The counterbalance valve working principle states that the fluid will be trapped inside the spool under pressure until the pilot pressure overcomes the pre-set value. counterbalance valve is a function of both the load pressure and the pilot pressure, yielding an “inverse pilot ratio”; light loads require more pilot pressure and heavy loads less pilot pressure to open the counterbalance valve, helping Stability problems may be encountered when system operating pressure goes below 50 bar (700 psi). When a cylinder is supporting a vertically mounted load, and its directional valve shifts to lower the load, the load may fall uncontrollably as its weight pushes fluid out of the cylinder. Inlet pressue rating of aluminum body is 3000 PSI. Turn adjustment clockwise to decrease setting and release counterbalance valve allowing flow to pass from the valve port to the work port. Flow: 300 L/min Counterbalance valves TGMRC-7, 50 series Functional Symbols 1 Counterbalance valve Hydraulic Counterbalance Valve is often referred to as load holding valves. When no pressure is applied to either port of the counterbalance valve, the load is held in place. Pilot operated check valves On many counterbalance valves, the adjustment is turned counterclockwise to increase the spring tension. When no pressure is applied to either port of the counterbalance valve, the load is held in place. So, if for example cylinder’a Area ratio CR = 1.64, min pilot pressure to open counterbalance valve is: Let discovery the system where the

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