November 27, 2013

NO MORE STRIPPED THREADS; NO MORE BURNED HANDS; NO MORE MESSY OIL CHANGES; ROBUST DESIGN. A heli-coil repair is the least intrusive method to fix such a failure, and the resulting repair is better than new. I'd stripped the oil drain hole on my girlfriend's 2003 Civic when changing oil. The helicoil work fine but they are deeper than the pan threads so you may have issues draining the oil with them. One of the challenges in oil pan drain repair is that it can be costly and time-consuming to replace the entire oil pan drain. By Aaron C., September 10 in General Dirt Bike Discussion. Any thoughts?? Page 1 of 2 - 900 ACE Stripped Threads On Oil Plug Hole - posted in 900 ACE 4-Stroke Models: I was changing the oil on my 2016 Blizzard 900 ACE today and somehow stripped the threads on the larger of the two oil drain holes. I'd lean slightly towards #2, as Helicoil installation requires more skill and can get botched more easily. I have changed it yearly since new with no problems and wasn’t tightening that hard. These kits can be used in any vehicle where the size is available. Yesterday's oil change cost me $569 . Determining Drain Plug Size and Pitch. It doesn't help that the oil drain hole's threads are aluminum and the drain bolt is steel.. Something to watch for when changing your oil in the future. TT Addict; Team TT; 3,261 posts; Location: New Zealand; My Rides (6) My Rides (6) Posted September 11. The Heli-Coil will still allow the maximum amount of oil to drain as the oil can still pass through the insert and drain. But in the end, is it safe? Crank case refers to the motor oil pan,, 6mm allen rear fill plug would be for the Transmission,, 8mm allen you can siphon the motor oil from the dipstick if you want to go that route try tapping a Torx bit into the stripped allen plug,, if that doesn't work there are several threads on this forum about removing it BEFORE: AFTER: BE SURE THERE ARE NO INSERTS PREVIOUSLY INSTALLED! Any tips or links would be great. By simply replacing your factory oil drain plug at your next oil change with the No-Spill™ oil drain plug, you will eliminate common draining problems including messy oil changes, stripped oil pans and overtightened plugs. Oil will wick past the coil. You are done! . Not sure how, I wasn't even putting much torque on the bolt when it went. The Lisle 58800 is an outstanding, solidly built, professional-quality solution. A few careful strikes to the special tool with your hammer will spread the knurled area of the helicoil and anchor it permanently into place! Greenedmc Well-Known Member. Well, I stripped out one of the oil drain plug screws on my 07 Rubicon... any thoughts on repairing this? stripped threads in the oil pan. A useful set and money well spent! OPTIONAL HOSE ENDS. Instead of just draining the oil from the valve’s drain hole, you may attach the optional Hose Ends to connect to a hose for draining the oil away from the engine. Recommended Posts. Went to autozone to purchase the oil tite self tapping drain plug as seen in this link Stripped Oil Plug Threads Fix . Benefits: Instead of the normal cut thread, our repair kit uses a roll thread process which presses/expands threads on the oil pan to a bigger diameter. DEATH_INC. In this case if there is room, going to a plug with a larger flange & wider gasket can be the answer to get a plug to seal on the base material of the pan. The TIME-SERT kit helps you to easily repair aluminum socket bolt threads. Some plugs are designed to even cut their own threads and in the event of a no-tap situation one can take a large Grade 8 bolt with the same thread pitch as the drain plug, grind a couple of V-notches on each side of the threaded end of the bolt, and use that as a thread tap. 1. #1. First 3 oil changes done at dealer. Over a 16 year period I have probably installed 25-30 Heli-Coil inserts in the oil pan drain plug. Steel threads are approximately 3 times the tensile strength of aluminum. The Time-Sert threaded insert repair is far superior to a Heli-Coil, especially for aluminum and magnesium. Thought I will try this Dorman bolt first before buying a new oil pan. I stripped the oil drain plug holes in a BRAND NEW Yamaha motorcycle. But there are several brands. However, the Time-Sert kit is idea for a pan as the flange won't allow the insert to be set past the recess. The plug catches on a few threads part way in but is loose when fully screwed in. Otherwise, the drain plug will not fully seat against the oil pan, and oil will leak. I thought about retapping the whole to a 13mm and calling it a day but i am worried about getting metal shavings inside the the crankcase? I will be using an oil vac to change the oil so I won't be using the drain plug again. helicoil in stripped oil drain hole. A stripped drain plug does not need a Heli-Coil. Awesome choice! Simply run a thread tap through it for an oversize drain plug. Unless you are suggesting putting in a helicoil that will fit a mercedes drain plug? Tarheel22, Dec 7, 2020 #25. The helicoil is the "spring" thing that came out with your drain plug. My guess is that your oil drain plug had previously been stripped and repaired with a helicoil. I’ve been able to remove all I saw from the drain hole and it looks like shiny metal now, albeit stripped threads. This process also increases the strength of the thread. Jump to Latest Follow 21 - 31 of 31 Posts. Juice Weasel and Jimmyh like this. About 50% of the Vanagons that come through GoWesty have damaged or totally stripped-out oil drain plug holes. Another user said he got a self taping oil pan bolt (use grease again) and had success. I was able to snug it up confidently. What is the repair for this? Changed the oil in my bike yesterday. The latest is a stripped oil drain plug that appears to have been held in place by JB weld (or some other hard plastic-like substance). One of my concerns is having to punch metal INTO the pan. 2 people found this helpful. 2,032 Posts #2 • 8 mo ago. Discussion Starter • #1 • Jun 14, 2015. If the hole has not been too badly butchered, the easiest and best way to repair the drain hole is with a heli-coil. +1 Yup, that's what I did. Remove the drain plug, and the new helicoil is ready to be "spread" by a special tool included in the kit. You will need to purchase the larger M14x1.5 drain plug and washer from your local parts house. The EZ Oil Drain Valve now offers the new and improved OPTIONAL HOSE ENDS. Kraftsman 73 Been here awhile. Fortunately, I found instructions on how to easily conduct the repair using this setup. Then I found this kit on Amazon and it was exactly what I needed. Use grease on the tap to capture the metal filings. Overall I'd say tapping it to the next size is the best. Tapping new oil drain plug threads only works if the newly-tapped threads are perfectly straight and perpendicular. I stripped the threading on my 82 kz550. Are you talking the bolt head or threads? Joined: Nov 11, 2019 Member: #310466 Messages: 535 Gender: Male First Name: Daniel Vehicle: … . Read more. I bought a new bolt and it still seeps out a little bit. So I was told I should have the oil changed after another 500 miles like breaking in when new. Repair the stripped thread with Helicoil. There are several ways you can measure. Some people suggest I use a helicoil type system. Solution: Using the AGA Drain Plug Repair Kit will allow you to repair the stripped drain plug without having to remove the oil pan. Had recall work done for 116 connecting rods. 75 Posts . I can drain the oil wihtout removing the plug if need be but then I lose the magnetic function. Honda CR-V 2008; last mechanic stripped oil drain plug. Heli-coils are great in most applications. Which one is stripped out, the oil plug into the insert, or that insert in to the engine case ? They broke special tool for taking out connecting rods. Dec 7, 2020 at 6:08 PM #26 #26. Re-thread the hole and install a larger drain bolt. If your M12x1.75 oil drain pan already had a failed helicoil, the only option we can offer is to use the M14x1.5 drain plug kit p/n 1415A to enlarge the thead size from the factory M12x1.75 to M14x1.5. I’ve been googling and searching the forums. I was baffled by this, since I never (personally) changed the oil, and have no clue why the drain plug would be other than the original part that was installed on the car when manufactured. Tap & dye? Had sealed it with some gunk and when I removed the original bolt for an oil change, a spring like stripped metal waste came out with the plug. This video is a good list of several. 2. Helicoil? The plug is OK but the case is stripped out. Typically, it takes 30 minutes to repair with the kit. *: Fill er up with you favorite oil - and you're READY TO GO! 17.5k miles on bike. Lots of stripped oil plugs out there. Easily repair stripped or leaking threads! If you use the "time-sert" brand they are solid and you will need to pull the oil cooler line to get the pan completely drained. Sorry to hear about the stripped threads. About the recall work. I didnt purchase as the guy asked me for the pitch of the plug. oldcatamount Lieutenant Commander. They provide a one-piece, solid steel thread The oil drain plug is stripped out. I flushed the crankcase with a few litres of oil. Hope this little tutorial helps someone in the future. DEATH_INC. The user can choose from … The dealer said that my oil plug wasn't a VW-OEM part. Kraftsman 73, Sep 24, 2006 #2. If the plug gasket can't completly cover the helicoil thread it WILL leak. DIY Stripped oil pan drain plug repair - Helicoil method. I do not know what that insert is that came out though. I looked for a 15mm tap locally but couldn't find one. I noticed that the plug was very tight when I removed it. The blue, spring-loaded sleeve around the Lisle tap keeps the tap perfectly aligned. Typically many newer vehicles have metric drain plugs. I used a magnetic tip drain plug and added RTV to all of the sealing surfaces. Though I applaud the OP's concise procedure for installing the Heli-Coil insert, I would urge anyone that needs to repair their oil pan drain plug to use a solid, threaded insert instead. It is cheap and fast and you can still keep your oil pan drain. Joined Apr 4, 2010 Messages 1,740. Machined from solid brass bar stock, the No-Spill™ Drain plug can be handled even with a hot engine. Refill lower unit with fresh oil, put your drain plug in it’s nice new steel threads. Helicoils are OK for drain plugs if the plug gasket & plug flange are larger than the diameter of the helicoil thread. The heli coil and timesert methods replace the weak aluminum threads with steel threads. Voila! I used a heli coil in mine and other atvs that have had stripped oil plugs. Joined: Sep 18, 2006 Oddometer: 157 Location: Northwest Indiana. help; Prev; 1; 2; 3; Next; Page 3 of 3 .

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